Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hate Group Targets Bats Day at Disneyland, Flags Down Their Facebook Page

For those of you who have known me for a while, you know that I've been a vendor at Bats Day in the Fun Park for the past six years. Bats Day is a great event in which goths gather en masse to dress up and have a fun day at Disneyland. The idea is to have a great time in your favorite place with a group of like minded people, and that is the only agenda of those who attend. There is certainly no promotion of religion going on at this event. Most people who go just want to show off their amazing outfits, or take pictures and hang out on their favorite rides with their friends.

Today the Bats Day in the Fun Park facebook fan page got flagged down by the fans of another page on Facebook called the Killuminati Soldiers. Killuminati Soldiers have recently taken to posting photos from the event to showcase "proof" that it's a Satanic gathering. What they have been using as proof have been photos in an album titled "Disney (EXPOSED)", the description of which seems to focus mainly on the fact that Disney is gay friendly, and according to them, gay people are Satanists. They focus on Panpipes Magickal Marketplace as being one of the sponsors of Bats Day. Panpipes is a Pagan shop owned by a lesbian couple, and apparently this has been justification enough for Killuminati to mobilize their fans to flag the Bats Day fan page down. And it worked, too, because Facebook does not focus on the evidence of a flagging, but rather the amount of people who flag the person or page.

So I'm asking you, my friends, to help me get this hate group off of Facebook for their harassment. Not only are they bullying friends of mine, and hurting their business, but they have been stealing pictures of children from Bats Day participators' albums to use in their crusade. We need to get Bats Day's fan page back, but we also need to make sure that these people cannot do anymore harm to anyone else on Facebook. Please flag Killuminati Soldiers for harassment, and pass this note along if you can.

Killuminati Soldiers Facebook Page:
Killuminati Soldiers Disney (EXPOSED) Album:

UPDATE: Extremely anti-Semitic Album also on their Facebook page:

UPDATE 8/8/2013: Facebook has restored the Bats Day in the Fun Park fan page that was taken down, but not the Bats Day members group.
Facebook continues to refuse to remove the Killuminati Soldiers page, or any of the images they stole from Bats Day to use in their insane rants, including those of young children that they are claiming to be Satanists. The photos have been reported by the people in them, as well as the owners of them, but Facebook will not remove them.