Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birthday Surprise from Creeplings

I know I promised to update this blog more often, and it just hasn't been happening. I'm not much of a writer, you see, so it's tough to psyche myself up to do one of these. However, today I got an awesome birthday surprise in the mail from Rebecca Roka of creeplings on Etsy, and I knew that just showing the photos on Facebook or Google+ wouldn't be enough. She had said that she was sending me something practical, so naturally I expected a bra, but what I got instead was a hundred times better!
The trivet all on its own would have been a great gift! I love it, because it's the color the Cheshire Cat in my first painting, and I'm going to be using it for my coffee every morning. BUT, check out that box with the ribbon on it....
I recognized it immediately as a Super Sculpey box, but was instantly confused by the addition of one of my own little sculptures, the Wyvrog, on the cover! Then I took a better look at the box. Rebecca had made a sleeve cover for the "Supurb Sculptee"* box featuring my sculpture and all little quips about my creations! "America's premier boob modeling substance". She even added a Fuckery Seal of "Aproval"*!
The Whimsicle* logo and the gift tag she used on the ribbon are her own creations, and are available as tags in the Ornaments and Tags section of her shop. She has also made several Whimsicle pillows with this design for Regretsy charity auctions and prizes!

So there you have it! I really wanted to show everyone my fantastic birthday gift. I'm going to use the hell out of that Sculptee, but once it's gone I'm going to keep that sleeve for every new box I buy. Thank you, Rebecca! ♥

*All spelling errors were intentional.

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  1. This is truly EPIC. An overused word for sure, but the appropriate one here. Good show, Rebecca!!!!!