Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mini Horse in a Doggie Door

HOLY CRAP, AM I POSTING HERE AGAIN?! It sure seems that way! Let's hope it sticks this time. It's been ages, but I have a lot of stuff I'm working on, and way too many big changes going on in my private life.

First, let me tell you about Quixote. Quixote is my mom's mini horse that she's had since the end of last year. The last time I posted I was living upstairs in my parents rental house, while my parents lived a few blocks away in the same city. Since then my mom decided that she desperately needed to own a mini horse, and the area they were living in was not in the equestrian district, so she had to pick up the family and move before even considering buying a horse. She quickly did so. The whole family, besides the two of us who were renting out the other house, moved to a smaller new house in the equestrian district, and my mom got a mini horse. The little guy is a bastard. He bites, he doesn't come when he's led, and he sometimes pushes my mom into the street while she's walking him for his daily exercise. We're told it's because he hasn't been gelded yet, but we're also told that mini horses tend to be ornery. He does seem to love my mom in his own way, and in the picture above he has his head in the doggie door because he heard her voice in that part of the house, but he knows he has strength in him, and my mom is not at all a very good match for him when he wants his way.

None of the above would have effected me in any way, of course, except that my parents are now trying to sell the house that I was renting a room in. (Anybody looking for a place in Burbank? It's well worth it for the amount you can make off of renting parts of it out.) So, now I'm once again living with my parents in a very small space. It's a devastating blow to the ego, but in a place like LA, when you are just barely paying your bills every month, it is very difficult to find a place with affordable rent. It's cramped here, and I have a LOT of stuff because my last apartment was so big, but I am still garnering up some creativity to get a few new things done here and there.

What I'm working on now are mini paintings of pun-animals. They started out as goofy sketches in my sketchbook when I was bored one day, and people started asking me to paint them, so I have been. These three are my faves so far, and the paintings themselves were purchased right away. What I would like to do, if I can ever get my brain in working order, is to start writing little stories for them. It would be cool to make a childrens' book or a comic, but I haven't had to write anything with a lot of content in so long, that I've gotten very rusty at it (as I'm sure you can tell by this post). That's why I'm starting to write here again. I'm going to try and hone my writing skills a little bit, even if it's just to report the things going on in my daily life. It may be boring, but there's a good chance there will be pretty pictures to distract you, so please stick around!

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