Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Should I?

Two weeks ago I announced on my various social sites (Twitter, MySpace, Facebook) that I would be raising prices last week to keep up with my prices at Handmade Galleries. I had fully intended to do so, too, but I had put off art related stuff to try and help Noah earlier in the week, and then later on I started to debate this issue again. In order to afford my spot at Handmade my prices there are pretty high, but for the most part they are ooak (one-of-a-kind) designs there, so you won't be able to buy one of my necklaces at Handmade directly from me. On the other hand, my necklace prices are a LOT lower online, and they are wholesale from me, only because I was afraid no one would buy them at retail prices. No one is buying them anyways, and I've even had some ballsy people question me on the prices of my hand-sculpted, hand-etched mirror pendants!

What should I do? Should I raise them to the retail price, or at least something above wholesale, or should I keep them at the prices they are now, and hope people will come to their senses and start buying? I realize that even $30 might seem like a lot to pay for a necklace that isn't sterling, but I also know that you can't get one anywhere else, and you sure as hell won't find someone as daffy as myself willing to do the work and charge the minimum!


  1. Dang Girlie,

    I thought your necklace prices were too low given the amount and quality of work you put into them (which is why I upped the art I traded you to the $50 size/quality).

    If I were to price them, I would put them in the $40 range, +/- a buck or two depending on the amount of detail & work involved. That way the price is fair to you while still being affordable to your collectors.

    As anyone will tell you though, pricing is a tricky wicket. Or is it sticky wicket? Wait, I don't even play cricket.... I guess I mean to say that "pricing isn't an exact science."

  2. Ok If your prices are too low it says you dont value your time and effort and people will see that and not buy.Even if they really have no idea what they are looking at value wise.

    When you put your prices up you will find you may or may not sell more but then you do sell it will be valued more if that makes sense.Not much is selling right now in many areas.I think people have just had Summer holidays and are recovering and Xmas is soon.

    Also on pricing make it a number ending with a 9 or .95 cents thing, Like $49.95.People see it as cheaper than $50 and they tend to be happy to pay that even if they "know" it is $50 really.It's psychological fact that has been studied over and over.Oh you use the 9 thing.Excellent

    I hope that helps.It kind of works for me when I actually do get time to promote my items.

    Light Love and success to all

  3. Thanks, you guys! I think I will raise them just a bit. I would like to find more land-based shops to sell in, and I can't do that if I only sell my necklaces wholesale :/