Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Freeway Kitty!

My sister gave me a call last night while I was eating a bowl of cereal to ask if I had some wet cat food.

"Why?" I said.

"Because I found a kitten near the freeway that was crying, but I couldn't get it to come to me!"

Well, I didn't have any wet cat food, but I did have cereal milk (which really isn't good for cats because they can't fully digest it, but in this case it was good for coaxing), so we took a small dish and went to go find the kitten again. We walked to the spot where my sister had found it, and started meowing to see if it would respond. Immediately we heard baby mewing coming from behind a metal fence. The kitten was nervous, but it did keep trying to get to the milk; however, it seemed to be having a hard time getting through the holes in the fence. Luckily, not too far off was an area where the fence was a bit above the ground, so I put the milk down near it and lifted it a few more inches. The kitten shyly edged towards the milk until she was on my side of the fence, and I quickly grabbed her. The poor baby had a hurt ear and a gouge in her leg, which leads me to believe she might have been picked up by a predator and then dropped. She was also covered in burrs and fleas.

When we got her home I gave her a quick bath with a no-tears human shampoo (this is not something you should regularly bathe cats with, because it might irritate their skin, but no pet stores were open at the time.) We also picked up some de-worming medicine which I put in some wet food my sister bought for her. She ate all the food and the medicine, and she was even drinking a lot of water! This morning I found that she had been making good use of the makeshift litter box I created for her, and I tried her on some dried cat food, which she ate up quickly as well! I'm happy to say that I think this kitten is going to be fine, and my youngest sister took her home with her this morning. The cut on her leg seems to be healing, and my family will take her to the vet for shots. My mom hates cats, but she's an animal lover, so she just couldn't keep saying no after she saw such a cute little kitten =^_^=

Now the only person left to convince is my dad... ;)


  1. You and your family just earned some serious karma points for this little rescue!

  2. Aw poor kitty! I'm so happy there are more people like you in this world who look out for animals than there are people who would harm them. This is going to be a happy cat one day. yay!