Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Bat for Two Cats!

A while ago I was contacted by Krissi of Skelekitty and Friends about my Have a Nice Night necklace. She wanted to know if I would like to do a swap with her for one of her custom items in return for my necklace! I was thrilled to be able to get a Krissi original, so I immediately went through all her shops to find ideas for what I would want on my plaque. I knew I wanted a regular skull on my piece like the one in her "Grinding To A Hault" piece (which i will covet someday, since it's right around the corner at Hyaena Gallery), with a gradient background like the one in the "A Brand New Sky to Hang the Stars Upon Tonight" piece. I also decided I wanted some kitties in mine, because I love my kitties,^_^ so I asked her to have two kitties (one for each of my cats) leaning up against the skull!

Well my piece was finished quickly, and she even brought it down here to Burbank with her as she was passing through to do her Santa Clarita Craft Lab! She left it with my friend Bill, at Hyaena, and I picked it up soon afterwards! I absolutely love it, and the attention to detail is excellent! There are even little tiny skull and crossbones in the background, and a few "Meows"! The colors are amazing, and exactly what I was hoping for!

If you want to see more of Krissi's work, check out her flickr page called Mixed Media & Mexiphemera, and make sure to visit her blog here on blogspot as well!


  1. I heart Krissi! And this piece is fabulous!

  2. Thanks so much for blogging this AND for my super-duper extra-special AWESOME "Have A Nice Night" necklace!

  3. Been checking out some of your items! Really beautiful stuff...