Saturday, July 25, 2009

Anora the Mermaid 4 @Aquathon, on #ArtFire

Today is @KirstieAlley's 24 hour Aquathon on Twitter! Unfortunately, I myself am so broke I have to use credit to buy groceries, so I'm unable to give any money to the cause. I do, however, have an art bottle that I've had for a while, which I think goes along with the aqua theme very nicely! She's Anora the Mermaid, and she's another one of my ooak large art bottles. She has been very popular, but hasn't gone to the right home yet, so today I decided to list her on ArtFire in support of Aquathon's cause! 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this bottle will go directly into Aquathon!

8:19pm E.T.A. Anora has sold! To NIA VARDALOS!! I'm so excited that she'll have one of my art bottles! And I already sent in the donation to PlayPumps (the wells that they will be installing in Africa).

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